visixplay mobile games donations conditions

[*] Donations to visixplay mobile games are made to support games, keep them free and allow them to evolve and become better, to facilitate future developments (especially the version MULTIPLAYER Online).

The cost of renting the host, the costs of server maintenance, the time used to update, monitor and develop the server are supported by the owner. Every donation goes to help even maintain this.

[*] To donate must be of adult legal age. If you do not have 18 years before donating you must obtain permission from your parents. Staff DO NOT take any responsibility about the donors not in adult legal age.

[*] The donations are not purchase, are free and not billable. Also donations are not refundable.

[*] The staff will NOT be held responsible in the event of a server shutdown. The server does not expire, however, in special cases, future donations will not be compensated in any case if the server would close.

[*] Donor players have the same rights / duties of ordinary players, and they are required to respect the rules. This means that a donor can not go against the rules. They will apply the same sanctions that generally are applied to users.

Thank you.

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