Rules of the Spathi(Clubs) cards game

It uses the classic deck of poker cards without including Jolly.

Spathi (Clubs) is similar to the famous Clubs card game.

The end of the game is to take more cards, flowers, thew 2 of flowers and 10 of diamonds.

For the score of each turn, are summed:

2 points for the gathered cards, more than 26 cards (if the gathered cards are 26, the same number as the opponent, will assign 1 point to each player),

1 point for flowers (at least 7 flowers),

1 point for the 2 of flowers and

1 point for 10 of diamonds

for a total of 5 points.

Cards that are on the ground can be summed up to a maximum of summ 10

and you can take them if you throw the card with the same value as the sum or equal to the card to be taken.

Wins who gets first at 21 points (11 in Multiplayer).


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